Smart baby device

Our smart baby wearable is a unique product first of it kind in the world. Our delicate research & development for our little Angel’s will help parents track their baby’s daily activities and health.

Our smart baby device is a clip-on attachment on diaper. This device track and notify the parent about diaper change, pee & poo, body temperature, sleep analysis and posture.

Energy harvesting phone case

Our revolutionary phone case is superior tech that not only protects your phone but also charges it. This case is not a ordinary case that charges your phone as power bank but rather uses totally different methods to charge your phone.

Now charge your phone while walking, jogging, running, or even by just shaking your phone. Our high tech electronic circuit absorbs the radiations from near by sources like Wifi, Network tower and charges your device. Our case design is one of its kind which can be fit to any Android or IOS phone.

Our energy harvesting communication devices are designed to include interactive user interface and CMOS multiple antennas on chip. The CMOS multiple antennas are disposed with software for boosting signal receptions and for providing faster data transmission speed. Our energy harvesting communication devices encompass three modes of communications- the cell phone, wireless Internet applications, and global communication and media information. Our vision to innovate includes enhancing mobile communication efficiency and enabling integration with a non-chattering touch sensitive display disposed with energy harvesting cell platform. The cell platform is in communication with a charging circuit board configured with memories, processors, sensors, and modules to amplify gaming apps, wireless media apps, electro chromic substrates, clusters, sensors network, and connected flexible Internet of things “FIOT.”


Our Animatronic models are electro-mechanically animated puppet. It is a modern variant of the automaton and is often used for the portrayal of characters in films, theme park attractions and advertising.

Animatronics is multidisciplinary field which integrates puppetry, anatomy and mechatronics. Animatronic figures can be implemented using both computer control and human control, including teleoperation. Motion actuators are often used to imitate muscle movements and create realistic motions in limbs.