India's only startup to offer space tech solutions in Satellite development, Satellite sub systems, Rovers, Drilling and Thrusters. We are a technology company that is keen in solving futuristic problems with our revolutionizing solutions. We have undertaken a mammoth task of Space mining, specifically the lunar surface. We have multiple solutions in general to be provided to cater various problems.

• Explorer: A satellite or series of satellite to map the entire lunar surface to provide us with the mineralogical data of the surface. We intent to make satellite manufacturing and launching very easy for industries, organizations & students. Hence we also provide satellite sub systems and customized solutions.

• Finder: A robotics rover that would be dropped down to the lunar surface to mining and collect samples of the presence of the minerals and its density. This would provide us with the ground test results that would be compared with the satellite data.

• Extractor: An Autonomous robotics systems that would mining the surface and collect raw materials and deposit them for further refining. This extractor acts as a mining equipment and transporter to dump the materials to be taken back to the earth. This systems extracts, Collect & semi refine the materials based on the found minerals on the surface.

• Sender: This would be a Autonomous transport launch systems to bring back the mined materials back to earth for further refining and deliveries.



We hold expertise in UAV & UAS development with our fixed winged & rotor designed UAV's. These systems are designed & developed in a way that it can cater various sectors and problems. We help Mining & minerals, Agriculture, Construction, Oceanography, Surveying, Terrain mapping, surveillance etc sector with our solutions.

Our solutions for each problem

• Satellite: Developing satellite and sub systems for Pico, Micro & Mini satellite requirements. Providing remote sensing data to farmers provide crop management, mineralogical data, field drainage etc. Develop & provide satellite sub systems to Individuals, organization & budding space agencies across globe.

• UAV/UAS: With fixed wing drone with a range of 70kms we are creating one stop solutions for sectors in Agriculture, construction & traffic management. We provide on demand mapping, surveying and monitoring using the drone systems.

• Management: With using our satellite & UAV solutions we provide live monitoring for construction site, planning & management for traffic, metro & railways links. We are creating a platform specifically for agriculture sector where any novice farmer can book crop management for his crop and we take care of everything between sowing and reaping crops. Construction companies can book for continuous live monitoring for construction sites or get imagery for the sites. With our long range UAV/UAS systems we can help manage & plan traffic, subway, metro & railways.

• Mining: Provide mineralogical data, terrain data, High aerial imagery and Oceanography for mining minerals. With scanning of terrain & ocean using our UAV systems.

• Education: We are providing education related to Space, UAV, Satellite, Remote sensing and technology.

• Oceanography: Our UAV/UAS systems with multi spectral payload can help identity mineral & deposits across different terrains including that in the ocean. We help find mineralogical data for mining purpose.



India's only startup to offer total wearable solution from Designing, Development and Manufacturing. Medical grade, Fitness and Style level wearables. Successfully developed and deployed wearable for Cardiac, Baby and Adult monitoring. See your ideas turning its reality Get to know more about this



Convert your Ideas and plan into a working product. Get complete process of delivering a new product or improving an existing one for your organization. Our four stage of product development 1. Idea 2. Develop 3. Prototype 4. Deliver. 3D print and rapid prototyping gives us edge over our competitors.



Get all your needs of embedded satisfied here. Custom Embedded hardware development with variety of process to select and Embedded software for your hardware. 2, 4, 6 and more layers circuit development, Circuit designing, and testing.



With our expertise all types of Automation and AI related solutions are provided by us. Get custom design and development for your solutions. Robotics systems and solutions for your needs are all covered here. Lets discuss more about it.