Space Mining

India’s First Startup Working in the field of Space Mining Concept. “SuperAliensCo”

“SuperAliensCo” is a technology driven organization that offers extensive Research & Development to turn your ideas in to reality. We help you develop solutions that are vital for your business and market. Asia & India’s only Startup working on concept of Space Mining that has successfully developed systems & solution for mining & extraction.

Space mining is the exploitation of raw materials from Moon , Asteroids and other minor planets, including near-Earth objects. Rare & precious metals and minerals could theoretically be mined from Moons Surface and Asteroids or a spent comet.

The best candidate for the mining is our Moon. Buy why Moon??

●Because its the closest.

●We have data from past lunar landings and surface analysis.

●Evident availability of Rare earth materials.

●And the Most important the presence of water.

So who are we to take up Space Mining??

We are a private organization run by talented innovators and developers working in the field of Space Science and Technology. We work to provide cutting edge technologies that are only imaginable in a Sci-fi movie.

Space is the next play ground for all the tech companies and its race is ON. We are focused to provide India and the World with technologies the will help us extract minerals from space bodies. With limited resources and ever increasing power demand has pushed us on the verge to find alternatives and resources that are present on Earth. Not only the power & resources demand, but with increasing population humans are exploring friendly habitats on other planets.

Our initiative will not only provide us with Rare earth metals but also develop technologies that are crucial for human survival in outer space.

Why does India need it?

Here’s why we need this:

●India is 1.3 billion people strong country. It needs sustainable energy source to run.

●With limited minerals resources newer minerals sites are required various raw materials .

●India being a emerging space power have all the capabilities to achieve this.

●Many other nations are gearing up to tap this trillion dollar market.

●Our scientific achievement would expand to greater folds.

●Space is next thing to conquer for the man kind.

●With rare and precious metals in reach India can over comes it scarcity and dependency on others for minerals.

●Advance development and scientific development would take place making India self reliant.

●Jobs, man power and economic boom would be seen.

●Any nation with this vast treasure would have:

●Energy resources.

●Rare earth metals required for various scientific development.

●Space exploration capabilities and base on moon.

●Economic growth, military growth, and stability. Would be a Superpower both on Earth and Space.

Our Services and Solutions –

Functional Utility of your product

There are multiple functional utilities of our product & services in the market across globe.

While developing systems and products for space mining we would be developing products that would be useful for masses.

1. Surveying/mapping equipment’s

2. Sub systems for satellite

3. Surveillance

4. Education and learning for schools, colleges & organizations

5. Remote sensing & monitoring

6. Space weather forecast

7. Space mining for raw materials for mining companies.

8. Human sustainable solution for space exploration.

9. Human health monitoring wearable systems.

The mining will not only give us rare metals but will also give us opportunity.
To develop sophisticated technology that will be useful for man kind for its survival in outer space.
Interplanetary transportation systems.
Build Structure that will be crucial for survival on other planets.
Built material and technology that will produce clean energy.
● Raw material for other process.
● Generate job opportunity and income

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